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STOLON Arts & Sciences - Multidisciplinary and modular socio-cultural programmes


STOLON Arts & Sciences Association was founded in 2004 with the aim of studying the relationship between Art, Science, Nature and Humanity. Its head office initially in France Aveyron is located since 2011 on the Causse Méjean (Lozère 48). The territory of the Cevennes National Park and the great UNESCO site of the Gorges du Tarn offer a wonderful setting for the study of scientific and cultural heritage, and the creation of interdisciplinary programs that result from it. STOLON Arts & Sciences is the seat of a center of sound creation in a hyper rural environment, producer and incubator of musical ensembles and of the eco-festival of the unheard of for innovative music.

STOLON Arts & Sciences association designs multidisciplinary and modular socio-cultural programs based on the MEETING OF AN ARTISTIC COLLEGE AND A SCIENTIFIC COLLEGE, around a common theme. They are currently divided into five themes:

  1. "SPACE ART": Comic Opera "Venus in Transit" / J.Horrox (2004), IKAROS (2009), UnderStars ConcertS (2016), Electro Comic Opera "COSMOS" / INVENTŎR (2018-2023)
  2. "ARTS & SCIENCES": Arts Sonores du Temps Présent (2005), L'œuvre Baschet (2006), Jardins sonores (2007), la facture instrumentale contemporaine (2013), Supersonic - en quête de l'inouï (2017)
  3. "SOUND HERITAGE": Knud Viktor (2005), Acoustic Inventory of Heritage (2006), Mineral Journey (2006), PNC Sound Walks (2007-), Soundscapes (2016)
  4. "ANAMORPHIC POEMS": Jaumes Privat (2006), A l'ombre de la montagne / T. Hadraoui, Abdallah Zrika (2011), Miquel Decor (2016), Clementine Magiera (2016)
  5. "PHILOPHONY": Nomadic Universities (2015), A World of glass (2017)

The multidisciplinary socio-cultural programs conceived by the STOLON Arts & Sciences association offer cultural actions of sensitization and deepening in the form of shows, concerts, scientific conferences, exhibitions, animations and trainings (Youth and popular education approval n° 12JEP097 2007, Training provider registered under n°91480026548 - This registration does not imply approval from the State - National Education and DRAC approval..


Historically, STOLON Arts et Sciences has received the support of many institutional partners and present within the National Education, the musical education, the specialized and hospital environments, the Foundation of France, the Observatory of Paris, the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Calculation of the Ephemerides, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Regional Direction of the Cultural Affairs, the Occitanie Region, the Department of Lozere, the community of communes Gorges Causses Cévennes, the commune Gorges du Tarn Causses.


Aodyo®, Buffet Crampon, Dualo®, Editions Lugdivine, Metal Sounds®, Resta-Jay Percussions, Rythmes & Sons, Timmpi®, TitaniumSound®, SELMER, SubPac®, Ogeu Quézac®, Violon ZEF.


Productions of STOLON Arts & Sciences, incubator for artisitic ensembles and projects :

  • « COSMŎS » ELECTRO OPERA (2018/2023) by INVENTŎR

« TERRAMORPHOSYS » ( ACTE 1 2019 ) « MOON VILLAGE » ( ACTE 2 2020 )

« LUX AETERNA » ( ACTE 3 2021)

Video creation Nassimo Berthomme, computer generated images Olivier Boisard, visual device : Artisans numériques (Bruno Monpère & Maxime Thibault R.N.G.A.), direction Philippe Corbier
Collective libretto Frédéric Bousquet, Isabelle Huaro-Joly, Jean-Luc Lamouille, Christophe Liron, Eric Poindron

For Voice & Looper Clémence de La Taille, Titanium Euphone Frédéric Bousquet, Dualo Serguei¨ Becoulet, Sylphyo Florian Becquigny, Percussions Cyril Cambon, Karlax Jean-Marie Colin Musical Computing and Multicasting and Spatialisation Julien Guillamat,

Guest : Singing, SoundMask® Natalia Nerchevskaya, rare instruments Dr. Jesse Stewart, ZEF violin Aurélien Bertrand

  • « A WORLD OF GLASS » (2017) by Nysno

For Titanium Euphone Frédéric Bousquet, Cello Eric Longsworth and Percussions Christophe Roldan

Creation Night of the Heritage Cantini Museum Marseille / International Research Center for Glass and Plastic Arts

  • « THE MARCH OF RAMA » (2016)

Storytelling and writing : Clémentine Magiera

Titanium Euphone Frédéric Bousquet

Creation Day of the Night Lanuéjols (2016)

  • « UNDER STARS CONCERT » (2016)

Coproduction Ensemble Hope

For Euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Million, Synthesis modules & Computer music Mike Sheridan

Creation Festival de l'Inouï / Festival Nature P.N.C. (2016)

  • « WANDERING FIRES » (2016)

Storytelling: Clémentine Magiera

Titanium Euphone Frédéric Bousquet

Creation Day of the Night Lanuéjols (2016)

  • « ENTREMESCLAR » (2016)

Story Miquel Decor

Titanium Euphone Frédéric Bousquet

Creation Stanford University Seminar, political and cultural heritage of the Troubadours Narbonne (2016)

  • « ANAMORPHOSE » + « ANAMORPHOSYS » (DK) (2015)

Coproduction Ensemble Hope

For Euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon, Synthesis Modules & Computer Music Mike Sheridan and Multicast David Macunian

"WHITE_SHEET " (Creation Fondation Laborie Jazz 2015), " UNE VILLE DANS LA VILLE " text Emmanuel Darley (Guérêt 2015), " COSTA " (Brive 2016), " LABORIGINS " Marie-Odile Monchicourt (2016), " VILLAGE " (Vicq-sur- Breuilh, Saint Pantaléon de Larches, Hures la Parade, Quézac 2016)

  • « ANAMORPHIC POEMS » (2013)

For voice Jacques Higelin, Euphone Frédéric Bousquet, violin Olivier Samouillan, double bass and computer music Pierre-Yves Lejeune

Creation Paris J. Higelin (2013)

  • « TRIOPUS » (2011)

For soprano voice Maelle Vivares and euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon

(2011) Creation Antwerp Diamond Conference (2011)


Dance and choreography Michel Abdeslam Raji

For voice Touria Hadraoui & Abdallah Zrika, Euphone Frédéric Bousquet, Percussions Cyril Cambon

Creation French Institute of Rabat - Salé Morocco (2010), Festival Les troubadours chantent l'Art Roman, Marcevol (2011)


For Euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon and string quartet Cordes sensibles

Creation Beaulieu sur Dordogne 2010

  • « NAUTILUS » (2007)

For euphones and Baschet sound structures Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon

Creation Night of the Museums Denys Puech Rodez (2007), Museum of contemporary art of Rochechouart (2010), Museum of contemporary art of Théssalonique (2014)

  • « THE WRINKLES OF TIME » (2006)

Coproduction Ensemble Hope

For Euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon and percussion, recorded tape Creation Journées de la Poésie Rodez 2006

  • « R.L. STEVENSON / Sound walks » (2006)

For soprano voice Maelle Vivares and euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon

Creation Church of Cocurès, Mont Lozère, Cévennes National Park (2006)

  • « DUOPUS » (2005)

For Euphones Frédéric Bousquet & Marc-Antoine Millon

Creation Troglodytic church of Peyre - Allotments Rodez (2005), 1st Anti-carbon Festival Beijing - Chapel of CREA Millau - Church of Rozier - Museum of companions Limoges - botanical garden of Geneva - SESC Pinheiros Sao Paulo (2006), Flagnac (2008), Sainte Enimie - Quézac (2010), Défilés des créateurs Agde (2012)


Comic opera for two actors Olivier Galinou & Jacques Higelin

Libretto by Frédéric Bousquet

Contemporary Jazz Quintet Euphone Frédéric Bousquet, Synthesizers Vincent Dionne, Double Bass Pierre-Yves Lejeune, Viola Olivier Samouillan and percussions Marc-Antoine Millon

Creation Observatoire de Paris (2004), Millau (2006), Saint Laurent-de-Trèves (2009), Quézac (2010), Sainte Enimie (2011), Florac (2012), Chanac (2013), Palais de la Découverte Paris - Louvre (2014)

Biography F. Bousquet

Biography F. Bousquet
From the Euphon to the Titanium Euphone, via the Lasry Baschet glass organ and the Baschet crystal

Musical interpretation

Musical interpretation
An explorer of the sound world, eclectic French artist and craftsman

Musical ensembles

Musical ensembles
The ensembles with Frédéric Bousquet - Inventor, Nysno, Ensemble Hope...

Sound Painting

Sound Painting
Frédéric Bousquet is a sound painter

Sound sculptures

Sound sculptures
Silent and Sound Sculptures

Festival de l'Inouï

Festival de l'Inouï
By STOLON Arts & Sciences


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