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Frédéric Bousquet Inventor - Euphone, Ludophone, Instrument Design, Patents

From his time in the aeronautical industry, after graduating from the conservatory, Frédéric Bousquet has retained a pronounced taste for innovation in the service of the greatest number of people and for expertise in new materials. At the same time, he has conducted various experiments in the construction of sound objects and furniture for the performing arts, notably for the "Petit Théâtre de Pain" and the "Théâtre du Soleil".

After meeting the sound sculptors Bernard and François Baschet, he decided to embark on a career as an instrument maker, capitalizing on his knowledge of aeronautical mechanical design and materials science.

Frédéric Bousquet implemented a founding creative principle: the transfer of technologies and materials from the aeronautical industry for the production of sound generators.

Frédéric Bousquet Inventor - Euphone, Ludophone, Instrument Design, Patents
Frédéric Bousquet Inventeur - Euphone, Ludophone, Design d'nstruments, Brevets

Key dates

  • 2022 # Amphibious stainless steel ultramarine ludophones / Underworld
  • 2019 # Full Aeroclass Titanium euphone / 230th anniversary edition
  • 2018 # Stainless steel ludophone patent
  • 2016 # Full sphere « spoutmike » ludophone / Mike Sheridan DK
  • 2016 #SoundWall patent
  • 2015 # Aquatic sound generators / Therapeutic use / Specialized environments
  • 2014 # Patent for anti-vibration assembly for sound coupling system
  • 2012 # Titanium Metal Harps / Specialty Environments
  • 2010 # Titanium Euphone
  • 2006 # Stainless steel educational instruments

Frédéric Bousquet's commitment to sound ecology and accessibility for all to the world of sound led him to found :

  • Destructures sonores (1999), Collectif Mixed Arts (2001), Stolon (2004), nysno (2016) and Inventor (2018),
  • The associations Stolon Arts & Sciences (2004), the NGO Facteurs d'Instruments Sans Frontières (2016), the Union Française des Facteurs d'Instruments à Percussion (2020) and to prefigure the Cévenol Artistic College (2021),
  • The companies Structures sonores Atelier Bousquet (2005) and TitaniumSound (2010),

Finally, Frédéric Bousquet is the inventor of the popular slogan "Tous ensemble" (1994).

L’engagement de Frédéric Bousquet en faveur de l’écologie sonore et de l’accessibilité pour tous au monde sonore le pousse à fonder : -	Les ensembles musicaux Destructures sonores (1999), Collectif Mixed Arts (2001), Stolon (2004), nysno (2016) et Inventor (2018), -	Les associations Stolon Arts & Sciences (2004), l’ONG Facteurs d’Instruments Sans Frontières (2016), l’Union Française des Facteurs d’Instruments à Percussion (2020) et de préfigurer le Collège Artistique Cévenol (2021), -	Les sociétés Structures sonores Atelier Bousquet (2005) et TitaniumSound (2010),  Enfin, Frédéric Bousquet est l’inventeur du slogan populaire « Tous ensemble » (1994).

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